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Taxi service is one of the most popular ways of transport from point A to point B. Just like all big cities, Prague has a lot of taxi companies. However, most of them have a bad reputation, and the blame is on the taxi companies itself.

In 2012. a secret test was conducted in Prague among taxi drivers. As a result, one from five taxi drivers was kind to passengers, took a direct route from point A to point B, charged passengers right and gave them a receipt for their service. All taxi drivers that took this test were stopped randomly in the streets, and none of them weren’t contacted by phone.

Here are a few tips and tricks if you need to use taxi service in Prague:

Do not get in a taxi parked in popular tourist destination or in front of the bus/train station.
If you need to catch a taxi in the streets, be sure it is a registered taxi vehicle. You will recognize one by a yellow table in the top of the car which has to be permanently installed, and a black-lettered TAXI sign written on both sides of the vehicle.
The number of taxi license, identification of the driver and the taxi fares list have to be visible on the inside of the back doors.

At least once during your ride check the numbers in taximeter. Make sure that the price matches the mentioned fare. If it doesn’t match, make a contact with the driver and make him aware of the mistake, or make the driver stop so you could get out of the vehicle.

If you catch a taxi in the street, ask the driver how much the desirable drive cost. If the price is reasonable, you can get in the vehicle.
If you call taxi company you can get an accurate assessment or exact price from the kind dispatcher.

The driver is required to give you a printed receipt. If he doesn’t give it, you are not obliged to pay him a ride.

Our warm recommendation is to call a taxi service by the phone, and these are some of the reliable taxi companies:

Halotaxi – tel. 2 4411 4411,
Sedop – tel. 777 666 333,
AAA Radiotaxi – tel. 222 333 222,
City Taxi – tel. 257 257 257,
Profi Taxi – tel. 14 0 15,

Our advice is to be aware in which taxi you will get in if you don’t want to spend more money than you need to.

For transfers from and to the airport, it is best to book a shuttle service with the most reliable carrier.

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