Restaurants in Prague

For sure, where to eat is one of our first concerns when we are the first time to visit a foreign land. First time arriving in Prague, you will probably get an idea that you can only get some kind of shank or a sausage. Well, to a certain extent you will be probably, but not entirely right. Traditional Prague cuisine consists mainly of meat specialties, most commonly, chicken and pork. Of course, there are many restaurants with traditional Restaurants in Prague.

The most known specialties are Prague shank (lamb, beef, pork), sausages, dumplings, stew – Gulas, and many different kinds of cakes and sweets. You will have a lot of opportunities to try these famous dishes.

Still, besides food, Prague is perhaps even more famous for beer. For this reason, there is a significantly large number of pubs and taverns in the city.
In almost every pub, you will find some Bavarian pretzels served on tables, which are really hard to resist. But be aware – the pretzels are charged additionally!

Prague, as a capital of the culture, nourishes its own, as well as a tradition of other nations, in culture as in gastronomy. Considering that, there is a great number of international restaurants.

As a modern city, Prague is following world trends in nutrition as well. Besides traditional restaurants, there are many restaurants in Prague which can offer you tasty vegetarian dishes.
All things said, you don’t have to worry that you will be hungry or thirsty in Prague. These hospitable hosts are giving their greatest effort to ensure all guests a possibility of choice in food, as well as beverages.

International Restaurants in Prague

International Restaurants in PragueBeside traditional cuisine, Prague is abundant with international cuisine restaurants. Practically speaking about the choice of international dishes, Prague is the world in small.

For whatever type of cuisine you have decided, you will surely find it in Prague.

Pubs and Taverns in Prague

Pubs and Taverns in Prague
It is not said in vain that Prague and beer are two inseparable things. With the good company in right ambient, a great time is guaranteed.

Prague pubs are a good example of how to take advantage of tradition, and how to integrate it into a modern way of life.

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Prague

Vegan Restaurants in PragueIn Prague as well, like in all world metropolises, you can visit restaurants with vegetarian and vegan food.

The choice of veggie restaurants is decent, and many restaurants that offer traditional food have included vegetarian food on their menu.

Traditional Restaurants in Prague

Traditional Restaurants in Prague

If you go to Rome you will surely eat pizza. In Paris, you will eat croissants. If you are in Prague, then you should eat Czech traditional dishes.

Of course, we think of Czech shank, sausages, strudel, fruit dumplings, all of this filled with a pint of excellent Czech beer.

We warmly recommended you some of the best restaurants with traditional cuisine. Let this magical city to take you in the fantasy world of tastes.

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