If not in Prague for the Beer festival you can still experience the authentic Prague beer atmosphere by doing some “beer” tours:

Beer has a long history in Czech Republic. By some sources, 9th century is considered to be an early beginning of a brewing industry. Because of this, it is not a wonder that there are so many beer festivals in the Czech Republic.

Prague Beer Festival

Prague Beer Festival is held from mid to late May, lasting 17 days, so you will have enough time to enjoy a diverse range of 120 beers, including 70 pure Czech-origin beers.

Just to remind you, the most famous Czech beers are: Pilsner, Staropramen, Budweiser, Gambrinus, Bernard. Of course, this is just a small part of many types of the beer offered in glass mugs at the festival. The Czechs say that it is the sin to spoil a good beer by plastic packaging.

Maybe you are aware, maybe you’re not: dark beer is sweeter, and light beer is bitter. Consider this in time when you get on your quest for a perfect beer.

Eating sausages without beer is a sin in the Czech Republic. Choose from an abundant offer, maybe vaclavska, Prague sausage, staropramen. Or, maybe you already have favorite?

The special currency “tolar” is used at the festival. One tolar is equal to 40 CZK. Tolar is only currency that you can use to buy food and drinks at the festival.

Prague beer festival is held in the center of the city, on a green oasis near Vltava river.
Under the tents or in the open air, more than 200 members of the staff dressed in the Czech national costume serves the river of beer, the golden paradise for hedonists, making this festival even more spectacular.

The entrance fee for this festival is 100 CZK and the ticket is valid during the festival duration.

Prague Beer Festival 2023. dates:
31.March-1.April 2023
Official website

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