Prague Christmas Market

If you are in Prague at the time of Christmas, we can say that you are really lucky.
Christmas is the right time to feel and experience the mystique and fairy tale of Prague.

Although Prague is called the “Golden City”, during Christmas holidays it could carry the epithet of “a magical city with a thousand lights”.

The beautiful, huge Christmas tree on the Old Town Square is bathed with countless lights. It simply makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Prague Christmas market is organized on this square, like in others around the city. It lasts from the end of November to the New Year, during the Christmas holidays.

The Old Town square is decorated with wooden houses which are selling carved toys, lace, glass, Christmas decoration, and various authentic Czech delicacies.

In order to enjoy most of this Christmas spirit, you must try the grilled sausages. Be sure not to miss Trdelnik – sweet pastry sprinkled with almonds, mulled wine or punch.

Prague Christmas market is not based just on shopping. This event is complemented by various concerts by churches, street musicians, children’s choirs singing Christmas songs.

In your itinerary include at least one concert of classical music, maybe one in the lavish hall of Rudolfinum.

Prague is offering a lot during Christmas holidays, and you will surely feel the true Christmas spirit and the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe, if the snow falls, snowflakes and raindeers may bring you to Prague.

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