The International Jazz Festival in Prague is the oldest music festival in Czech and regarding its history also one of the oldest and most traditional ones in Europe.

The International Jazz Festival

People in Prague love jazz.

In Prague, no matter if you are jazz admirer or you don’t like it, the people will be really hospitable.
For that, there are many festivals for all different refined tastes.

The International jazz festival starts in the middle of October and lasts until the middle of November.

For over fifty years this festival hosts the giants of jazz.
Along with the autumn rain, famous names in the world of jazz are gathering in Prague.

Local jazz musicians do not lag behind their world-renowned colleagues, as they use their knowledge to cheer their fellow citizens during the whole year. Of course, they do it on festival too.

A large number of small jazz bars and rafts testify that in Prague, jazz does not live only during the festival. Prague lives jazz all year long.

The festival is held in several places throughout Prague, mostly in Lucerne Music Bar and in the club “Reduta Jazz”.

Visit Prague in the autumn. You may discover some new Louis Armstrong, and maybe you’ll get jazz under your skin and through your veins.

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