The City of Prague Museum

If you have fallen in love with Prague, and we believe that you are, you should visit this museum. This museum tells the story of how the city was built. In its story were woven a tales from all the prehistory, through the medieval and baroque periods, until the nineteenth century.

The City of Prague Museum is located in a monumental building, built in 1989.

There are permanent or temporary settings in the museum.

Permanent exhibitions are Prague in prehistory, Medieval Prague, Baroque Prague and Prague on the threshold of modern times.

In addition to these exhibitions, there are 3D projections of Langweil’s Prague city model and permanent setting for children.

The “Prague in prehistory” setting is dedicated to prehistoric inhabitants at this location, their habits, clothes, food and rituals.

“Medieval Prague” is an exhibition devoted to the construction of the Prague Castle and its expansion and rising to the city.

“Baroque Prague” is dedicated to the flourishing of art in the 17th and 18th centuries and this exhibition contain numerous paintings and sculptures.

“Prague at the threshold of modern times” provides information about Prague from the late Gothic period and the Renaissance in Prague.

The “Langweil” 3D model of Prague is the attraction of this museum. It is a cardboard and wooden made model which realistically represent of Prague from the XIX century.

Ticket Prices:

• Regular ticket price: 120 CZK
• Discounted ticket price: 50 CZK
• Family ticket price: 200 CZK

Working Horus:

Every day, except for Monday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Na Porici 52 (Florenc)
Prague 8

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