Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge History

This is the oldest city bridge, and altogether the most famous bridge in Prague. It connects the Old Town with Lesser Side, on the opposite bank of Vltava river. The bridge was built in 1357 by King Charles the Fourth.

The legend says that King Charles IV set the foundation stone on July 9, 1357, at 5:31 am, following a numerologist’s proposal.
This date and time of construction were given symmetric number 135797531.

Another interesting thing about this bridge is that the workers apparently added yolks to the construction mass to make it firmer. The bridge was built from blocks of sand and was completed in 1402.

Over 600 years, the bridge is successfully withstanding floods and all weather conditions. At both ends of the bridge, you will be welcomed by a tower built in the Gothic style.

Until the construction of the Bridge of the Francis the First, this was the only bridge over the Vltava River. The bridge was called the Stone Bridge or the Prague Bridge until 1870. Then it received the name Charles Bridge, which is still, until today wearing with pride. The bridge is 520m long and 10m wide.

Charles Bridge is decorated with 16 arches and 30 statues, representing Prague bridge guards.

Legends of the Charles Bridge

According to the legend, if you rub a bronze plate under the statue of Jan Nepomuk, your wish will come true, and you will return to Prague. So, be careful what you wish for.

By another one, a King Vaclav who was doubting the faithfulness of his queen asked a priest Jan Nepomuk to reveal the confession of his wife, which the priest refused to reveal. After that, he was tortured and thrown into Vltava river from Charles Bridge, and at the place of his drowning five stars appeared.

Charles Bridge Today

Statues on the bridge are replicas, and the originals were moved to the Czech National Museum in 1965.

Prague has 12 bridges, but Charles Bridge is the oldest. It is one among the most well-preserved and most beautiful bridges in Europe. Charles Bridge has been turned into a pedestrian zone is full of tourists all day long.

Numerous artists, musicians and souvenir sellers make this bridge an unforgettable and beautiful place among the other magical places in the Prague.

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