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Welcome to Prague – city of rich history, fantastic beer and food!

Welcome to Prague, golden, mystic city. City on the banks of Vltava restrained with eighteen bridges. City with hundreds of towers, city of golden domes.

This old, yet modern city is the Capital of Czech Republic. It is a city of great history, a royal City through which the chords of thousands and thousands of crystals are echoing in the halls of Prague castles. A city of wonder, full of romance, mystic, good fun and tasty cuisine.
Once you visit it, you can never forget it! You will want to return again as soon as possible.

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If you are an adventurous spirit, you can find everything needed for real adventure in Prague.
The old city core is full of places which exude with mystique and magic. Prague will give full enjoyment to true hedonists, offering an abundance of tastes handcrafted by true masters of chocolate treats, great sausages, and worldwide famous beer.

If you lean more towards the cultural events, if you are devoted to theatre and museums, in Prague you shall find numerous museums with different themes as well as a large number of theatres.

Good organized public transportation will help you to visit and see all of these. You can choose subway, tram, bus, cable car, river lines, taxi or to go on foot, which is our warm recommendation, and take a stroll through Prague and breathe in all of its flavors.

If you are planning to visit Prague you should probably note down all of the interesting destinations you shouldn’t miss.
You can find all of the important information needed for planning a visit in our guide to Prague.

We will help you to organize your stay while visiting this magnificent city, direct you towards the tastiest restaurants, the best accommodation, and also, the most interesting events. We will guide you through the history of Prague, show you city parks, shopping malls, nightclubs, museums and lots of other events this city has to offer.

This guid will show you Prague which you shall never forget.

You are planning to visit one of the most beautiful cities of Europe – Prague? If besides that you love to explore, you are heading into the right city for you.

We made an effort to gather all the relevant information in this guide to Prague. You can be informed about transportation, save on tickets for museums and other landmarks, and find best hotels in Prague and much more in one place.

Millions of Prague visitors are attracted by landmarks like Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, traditional restaurants and countless taverns.

Some say that you would need up to a month in order to visit all landmarks this city has to offer, but since the time is of great essence, for starters we would advise you to visit most famous ones.

Whether it’s architecture, churches, bridges and other landmarks, or maybe some of the best restaurants in Prague where you can taste the traditional cuisine or only the best beers In Prague – this magical city has everything to offer.

In order to show you only most relative information, our guide to Prague is organized in sections and it has information about accommodation, tour of Prague as well as useful information.

In guide to Prague you will also find answers on most frequently asked questions such are: Should I stay in hotel or a hostel? What are the Best restaurants in Prague?