international restaurants

Of course, international restaurants are very popular in Prague. Beside traditional cuisine, Prague is abundant with international restaurants. Practically speaking about the choice of restaurants, Prague is the world in small. For whatever type of cuisine you have decided, in Prague, you will surely find it.


Agave is a restaurant that offers Mexican, Latin American and Central American cuisine. The extremely pleasant ambient makes food that you try taste even tastier. If you decide to visit it, make sure to try the fried avocado. Do not miss the burrito with moss and cheese, sprinkled with hot sauce and Habanero cucumbers. Margarita is naturally an unavoidable drink that you must try.


Masna 620/2, Stare Mesto

Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar is a restaurant with a mix of more Asian cuisines. If you are a fan of this type of food, visit this restaurant which will use its Oriental interior to take you far and conjure up the tastes and smells of Asia. Here you can taste Chinese, Japanese, Thai foods that are adapted to vegetarians and people allergic to gluten.


Jakubska 649/8, Stare Mesto


Celeste has one of the best French cuisines in Prague. It is located in the “Dancing House”, one of the sights of modern Prague. The restaurant is located on the last floor of this building and from its terrace on the roof you can catch a fantastic view of the city. Of the many specialties offered by Celeste, we recommend red snapper a la Provence and a young rabbit in a mustard sauce.


Rasinovo Nabrezi 80, Prague 2

Aromi Restaurant

The Aromi restaurant is an Italian restaurant with a top quality seafood on its menu. One of the specialties we recommend is domestic ravioli with potatoes and sea bass. This restaurant is located far away from the center but it is surely worth a trip. The ambient of the restaurant is superb, the staff is very friendly and the food is fantastic.


Manesova 1442/78, Prague 2- Vinohrady

Kampa Park

Kampa Park was opened in 1994 and it’s still a Prague’s premiere fine dining establishment. Since its opening, it attracts and hosts many famous people, such as Mike Jagger, Johnny Depp, Robbie Williams, Bill and Hilary Clinton.
This upscale restaurant delivers exquisite cuisine that includes world-class fish and meat delicacies.
Some of these dishes are: Jakob’s caps with dried grapes, Beurre Blanc with myrrh, venison saddles with sweet potatoes and cardamom sauce. You should visit this restaurant in the company of a special person and experience romantic dinner with candles on the shores of the Vltava overlooking lights of Charles Bridge.


Na Kampe 8b, Prague 1 Island Kampa

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