prague bus
The simplest way of transport through the Prague is public transport, and of course, the bus is one of these.

All bus stations are marked with names, so if you are in Prague for the first time, it is enough to know the name of the station where you are going. You only have to listen to the voice from the speaker on the bus and you will know when to finish your journey by bus.

There are 196 day and 12 night Prague bus lines. Daily lines run until midnight, and night lines from 00.30 h to 04.00 h every 30 minutes.

Tourists mostly use subway and trams, since buses mostly cover the suburbs they are less frequently used for sightseeing.

In Prague, there is also popular Hop-on Hop-off bus tour designed for tourists who want to visit the most popular sights in the city.

Prague Bus Ticket Prices:

Type of Public Transport Ticket
(valid for metro/tram/bus)
(10-15 years, must have a document with a  picture)
(0-9 years, with 6+ must have a document with a  picture)
90-Minute Ticket32czk16czkFree of charge
30-Minute Ticket24czk12czkFree of charge
Daily Ticket (Valid for 24h)110czk55czkFree of charge
3-Day Pass (Valid for 72h)310czk310czkFree of charge
Monthly Pass670czk670czkFree of charge

Ticket Validation: When entering tram or bus it is NECESSARY to confirm your ticket by passing it through an orange machine located in the tram or bus, and for metro – before entering escalator.

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