vegetarian restaurants

In order of following world trends in nutrition, besides traditional restaurants, there are many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Prague which can offer you tasty dishes. Many of Prague’s traditional restaurants have included vegan dishes in their offer.

Vegans Restaurant

Vegan’s Prague is a vegetarian restaurant with a great choice of a vegan dishes. Also, we haven’t tried it, we have got a recommendation from the reliable source for the Aladin hamburger, which is supposed to be great and abundant, organic red wine with fresh strawberries, and unforgettable vanilla cake. Try it, and check our source.


Nerudova 221/36

Bibimbap Korea

Bibimbap Korea is an Asian Korean restaurant which offers a vegan and vegetarian menu options. Also, they offer a gluten free food. From the vegetarian menu we recommend: Bibimbap without meat, fried rice with Kimchi, noodles, Haemul-Pajeon. Off course, this is just a part of their offer, and if you decide to visit them, surely you will discover some more specialties.


Seifertova 612/89

Portfolio Restaurant

Portfolio restaurant is another restaurant which have included a vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food, beside from the traditional dishes. Aldo, the choice for vegans and vegetarians isn’t diverse, but the staff is friendly and ready to adjust to special orders from the guests. Access to restaurant is adapted for people with disabilities.


Havlickova 1030/1

Den Noc

Den Noc (Day Night) is an ideal place for the breakfast. Here you can eat a yummy pancake in all varieties, sweet of salty. You can choose between those with goat cheese, feta cheese, or those with avocado, chocolate, cherries, mascarpone. We recommend it if you would like to experience a different breakfast.


Templova 648/7

Lehka Hlava

Lehka Hlava (Clear head) is a vegetarian restaurant that meets desires of its guests in a very tasteful and gastronomic way. The restaurant serves a food of imaginative taste, and the ambient of the restaurant itself is amazing, so when you add friendly staff, it’s a real win. We recommend: red lentil soup, baked spinach with smoked tofu, Thai curry with tofu cheese and vegetables..


Borsov 2/280, Prague 1 – Old City

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