Museums in Prague

Museums and galleries are a must-see part of the visit to Prague. Every museum has a different story from which can be learned from. Museums are by definition institutions that store and exhibit various collections of antiques and artworks. The definition itself already seems to be dry, so it is generally expected that what is to be seen in the museum is not something that can occupy our attention.

However, do not settle for the usual definition of entertainment, because entertainment can also be found in the museum. All you need is to find interesting items and interesting collections.

And believe us, in Prague, there is as much as you like. In Prague, there are incredibly many museums with various themes, so we are firmly convinced that you will find your share of history, technology, art or whatever you are interested in.

We will suggest only a fraction of the huge number of museums in Prague, and you decide whether it will satisfy your appetites or you will also get on a quest for some of the most unusual museums in Prague.

The most popular museums in Prague:

We will add these if you want to entertain yourself and experience a fun part of the museums:

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The City of Prague Museum

The City of Prague MuseumThis museum tells the story of how the city was built. In this story were woven tales from all the prehistory, through the medieval and baroque periods, until the nineteenth century.

National Museum

National MuseumThe National Museum is the largest and most famous Czech museum. It is located in the imposing neo-Renaissance building at the head of the Wenceslas Square and it is one of the main representatives of the rich cultural life of Prague.

Prague Jewish Museum

Prague Jewish MuseumOur recommendation for the visit is also the main attraction of Jewish quarter, the Jewish Museum. This museum is one of the best in the world in representation of Jewish culture, with a unique collection of Jewish art, textiles and silver, embroidered with Jewish history.

National Technical Museum Prague

National Technical Museum PragueFor all those who love technology and the greatest technological and technical achievements, the visiting this museum is the right thing.The museum offers all visitors at least a fraction of something that will intrigue them and maybe even encourage them to explore further after the after visiting the museum.

Wax Museum Prague

Wax Museum PragueIf you want to rest a bit from the strong impressions you have picked up by walking the streets of Prague, this museum is an ideal opportunity to do that. Here you can enjoy taking pictures of all of your favorite public and fantastic wax figures.

National Gallery

National GalleryIf you are a fan of painting or sculpture, do not miss the opportunity to peek into this home of arts. It will leave you breathless with a magnificent space of 13,500 square meters with more than 2300 art pieces.

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