kampa island prague

Kampa island lies under the Charles Bridge, separated from the Lesser Town with the tributary of Vltava river, Devil’s stream.

Although it doesn’t have a great historical importance, it is a popular destination for Prague residents and tourists.

Kampa Island offers an escape from a crowd on Charles bridge.
From this island spreads a beautiful view of the National Theater on one side and the Vltava on the other side.

Many people consider this miniature part of heaven a most beautiful area in this part of Prague.

Kampa Island Decoration

The island decorations are picturesque houses and beautiful parks. One part of the island is called Venice of Prague because of the charming houses along the river bank. Once upon a time, there were mills on this island and many Czech writers mentioned them in their writings.

Today, mills are gone, but there are many great resraurants where you can taste traditional Czech couisine.

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