Like all big cities, Prague has numerus number of hotels, hostels and other types of accommodation. The offer is really diverse, and you can find anything, from five-star hotels to basic accommodation with more than one bed. Off course, the choice of accommodation in Prague depends of the affinity and finances status of every visitor of the “Golden” Prague.

Accommodation in Prague

Our recommendation is to book your place to sleep before your arrival. That way, you can skip wandering and looking around for your accommodation in Prague for that night. Another thing to be aware of: during the holidays, especially during the Easter and Christmas, it’s impossible to find a place to stay without prearranged booking.

Whether you’re staying at a hotel, hostel or anywhere else, be sure that you will be hosted kindly and welcomed with maximum respect.

All hotels have a different kind of additional facilities, from the meals included in the price to the pool, wellness and gyms.

The hostels also offer different facilities, like free internet and beautiful outdoor lounge space.

The offered facilities depend on the level of services offered by hotels, hostels and other types of accommodation. It would be wise to inform in advance about your desirable accommodation.

We picked few different places to stay, and maybe you will find something what suits you most.

Hotels in Prague

hotels in prague
As everywhere in the world, there are hotels of different categories in Prague. Some offer only accommodation, some of them offer full board and additional entertaining activities such as swimming pools, saunas, spa, massages, aqua parks. We have selected some of the best hotels in Prague just for you. It is up to you to choose an offer which suits you best.

Hostels in Prague

Hostels in Prague
You don’t like hotels, but you like to feel the warmth of home anywhere you travel? Hostels in Prague are a perfect choice. In some hostels, you can even choose bed and breakfast or half board accommodation which is a great solution if you are spending a few days in Prague.

Apartments in Prague

Apartments in Prague
Apartments in Prague can offer you an accommodation for one day or fully equipped apartment for a longer period. If you are traveling with friends or just by yourself, it’s a great choice considering the luxury which apartments provide.

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