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Uber is a platform which can get you a personal driver quickly and easily, with no need of having money with you. The only thing you need is the access to internet and phone in your pocket.

It’s pretty simple and easy app to use, which we will explain below. Now we’ll give you a closer insight into this whole brilliant idea and the creation of Uber’s.
Travis Kalancik founded Uber company in 2009. He got this brilliant idea on his trip to Paris, where he couldn’t get a taxi.

How Uber works:

Really simple. You only need an iOS or Android cellphone and Uber app and you can start your ride. You can order a vehicle through the application, or a specific Uber driver and the cost of the ride is charging directly from your bank.

uber aplication
So, when you order a nearby Uber vehicle through the application, the driver accepts a call. On your app, you can see approximate or the exact time of driver’s arrival. Also, you have the option to know cars exact location until it reaches you. You have driver’s information, name, surname, type of vehicle and vehicle registration which makes things easier for you two to meet.

When you arrive at your destination, your ride ends and you are automatically charged to your bank account.

Uber fare is not fixed, as well as taxi fare, it varies depending on the distance from point A to point B. It is certainly cheaper and more pleasant than driving in a taxi because Uber selects its drivers.

Not everyone can be a driver. Company checks if drivers and vehicles meet the standards.

When the ride is over, your app will ask you to rate your driver, but the driver will also evaluate his passengers. Uber designed things like this in order of better communication between the driver and the client, but also to create mutual trust, respect and responsibility.

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