When we are talking about interesting cultural, historical and amusing sights and landmarks, Prague can offer you a lot: interesting castles, monuments, bridges and other tourist attractions that you should see.
Our recommendation is to take on some comfortable shoes, gather a lot of positive energy, and give yourself into the magical Prague experience.
Prague will offer you an experience to remember, and believe us, you will get back to Prague to enjoy repeatedly all the beautiful places that Prague is offering.
Do not forget, you must surely organize a short trip, or picnic outside of Prague! For example, to village Karlovy Vary. That will be one more enjoyment for all of your senses.

The Charles Bridge

Charles BridgeThis is the oldest city bridge, and altogether the most famous bridge in Prague. It connects the Old Town with Lesser Side, on the opposite bank of Vltava river.

Prague Castle

Prague CastleAn ancient symbol of the Czech Republic and one of the most important cultural institutions, the Prague Castle is according to Guinness World Records, the largest inhabited castle in the world. The castle is the seat of the President of the Republic. Within the castle, there is also the famous Saint Vitus Cathedral.

Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square

Astronomical ClockOn the Old Town Hall Tower, there is one of the biggest attractions of Prague, the Astronomical Cock “Orloj”. When the clock strikes the hour, the figures of the Twelve Apostles appears.

The Golden Street

The Golden Street
This tiny street with only eleven houses is located within the Prague Castle. The magnificence of this street is given by the facades of houses painted in pastel colors. This tiny street was built in the 16th century, and the inhabitants of this street were royal alchemists who were trying to make artificial gold.

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy VaryIt is medicinal, monumental spa, only 130 km from Prague. If you decide to visit Karlovy Vary, go and visit at least some of the 64 thermal mineral springs. Of course, as anyone would do, the Czechs used this medicinal water and with the addition of 32 grass, they made the famous Beherovka, alcoholic herbal liqueur.

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