Sports and recreation in Prague are inevitable part of the city. This city has a lot to offer and your feet will lead you on their own to new adventures, sightseeing, shopping, search for some new, undiscovered part of the city.

Depending on whether you are adrenaline addict or you are just looking for recreation, or maybe a nature lover who enjoys in the fresh air, strolls on the riverbank, choose the most interesting activity for yourself, relax in the best way possible, enjoy your journey and treasure your memories until you come back to this beautiful city again, and we know you will.

Tours and Hiking

Sports and Recreation in Prague
Tours and hiking are the best choices for the ones who are more into the relaxing in the outdoors. If you feel like this is the right choice, Prague offers you numerous parks that are perfect for relaxation. You can take a walk to Petrin Hill and have a nice picnic with an astonishing view. You can visit Letna Park, Kampa Island, Botanical Garden. While you are in Prague, it would be a shame not to visit Karlovy Vary.

Segway Tours

Segway Tours
Segway tours are somewhat unusual tours you can choose. In order to ride on segway you need a bit of training, and it would be good if you have practice in segway driving. With this vehicle, you can visit parts of Prague that are not usually on the route and we would recommend you to do that with someone who has experience, with a guide or instructor who will rent you a segway.

In order to rent a segway, visit: segway

Bicycle Tours

Bicycle Tours
In comparison with segway, bicycle tours are more simple and healthier. There are many places in Prague where you can rent a bicycle. You can set your own route and ride through the Prague streets and parks. You can also approach one of many bike-renting agencies which will organize your cycling tour.
For more information about renting a bicycle in Prague, visit: prahabike

Water Sports

water sports
Water sports and recreation activities are mostly intended for sunny days, so if you are planning to visit Prague during the summer, choose one of the offers related to water sports.

You can rent a canoe, sailboat, try your luck on the flyboard or board one of the cruise ships that will take you on a Vltava tour. You can visit Zlute lazne, Flyboard Czech Connection, Strelecky Ostrov.

Surfing with a paddle is totally different, extraordinary attraction, unusual fun. If you would like to test your skills in this fun water sport, get more information about parachute tandem jump on: Sup-Trip


tandem jump skydiving
Skydiving is a sport reserved for adrenaline addicts, so if you feel like one of them, you can try skydiving in Prague. Skydiving is organized by licensed agency and you can find more information about it on Sky Service.

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