petrin hill viewpoint
Petrin Hill is a favorite Prague’s residents picnic destination, and also unavoidable tourist picnic destination. Our recommendation is to not miss an opportunity to visit this beautiful park. On the top of the Petrin hill, there is a Petrin Tower, a modern replica of the Eiffel tower.

This site gives an incredible panoramic view of Prague. It would be a great pity if your crowded schedule stops you in your attention for visiting this tower. You would be missing an opportunity of climbing up to 299 steps, after which scenery will be even more magnificent.

Along the tower, there are several more jewels on this hill just waiting for your discovery.

In addition to orchards and pears, which you can freely pick and eat, there is a scented rose garden which can probably awake romance in all of us. Maybe it can even you the inspiration to make some romantic gesture.
That’s not all that you’ll see here.

In the vicinity of the hilltop, there is a Labyrinth of mirrors, which will for sure wake up a child wanting for fun in all of us adults.

The Observatory

There is also an Observatory that will turn you into scientists eager for new knowledge, and of course, for fun. You can measure your weight on a scale indicating how heavy you would be on any other planet in the solar system. Of course, you can choose which planet is most suitable for you according to the number of kilograms on different places in Universe.

Depending on numbers you got, you can either walk downhill or take a cable car ride.

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