prague and children

Wherever parents traveling, they always think how much would that trip be interesting to their children. That’s why every tourist destination has a lot of content suitable for children.

In Prague, as in all major cities, you can find diverse entertaining activities for children, and of course, for parents too.

The children like to smile. You should give them a reason for a laugh.
Kids are curious. We should satisfy their curiosity.
Children want to jump, run, climb. Do all of it together.
Kids like to play, so play with them.
Look for a kid inside of you and enjoy with your kids in Prague. That time could be the most enjoyable part of your visit.

Dear kids, have fun and enjoy in Prague with your parents.

The Chocolate Museum

chocolate museumThis is a right place for the taste lovers, and besides that, which child doesn’t like sweets, especially chocolate?! Here you can taste different kinds of chocolate and make a special, individual taste just for yourself.

Toy Museum

toy museum prague
The name itself reveals what you can see in of this museum.
Considering that the museum is located within the Prague Castle, we believe that visit to the museum will look like a fairytale for your children and you.

St. Matthew’s Fair

St Matthews FairThis fair is familiar within local residents as Matejska pout. This fair is held at the Vystaviste fair complex where there is also a small amusement park with a singing fountain.

Sea World Prague

Sea World Prague

This aquarium holds 50 pools that are home to more than 150 different species of freshwater and marine fish from all over the world.
This is the right place to have fun with with children, and the opportunity to teach them something new.

The Prague Zoo

prague zoo
The Prague Zoo garden is considered one of the largest and most beautiful zoos in the world. It is home to almost 5,000 animals, including 133 endangered species.
Kids and parent can enjoy different activities in the Zoo, so we are sure that this visit will leave an incredible impression on you and your children.

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