Entertainment and fun in Prague are an essential part of the Prague tour, even if you came for just one day. We told you a lot about Prague already, but we didn’t mention Prague’s fun side. In Prague, you can entertain yourself in many ways, from the harmless ones to the adrenaline-packed activities.

Entertainment and Fun in Prague

Of course, you already thought about some sports activities, and you were right. But, on the other side, shopping can be a real activity packed with adrenaline.
We suggest you try at least a part of what Prague has to offer, adrenaline packed or not.

Depending on what attracts you can test yourself in different sports activities like a bike or segway rides, skydiving, swimming or simple hiking picnics.

If you are not a sports-oriented person, you can visit a cinema or theatre or go on a shopping spree.

In any case, you will find something that suits you because Prague, as a metropolis, has something to offer for each one of us for sure.
If by any chance, you don’t find anything (which we really doubt), visit one of the taverns and enjoy in the magic of the Czech beer.

We will suggest a part of what Prague has to offer, enjoy!

Sports and Recreation in Prague

Sports and Recreation in Prague
Prague, city which enchants you not only with its historical beauty but also with a wide choice of sports activities.
You can walk through Prague until you can’t feel your legs, or you can rent a Segway, bicycle or even see Prague from the sky.
Take look at small part of it all that what we singled out for you.

Shopping in Prague

Shopping in Prague
Prague is dominated by three shopping streets, as well as one of the most beautiful – Parisian street.
This street justifies its name and when you take a step through it you will clearly see why. For people who prefer shopping in closed areas, Prague offers several shopping malls.

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