Sea World in Prague

The Sea World in Prague is a spacious place which is going to bring you a real sensation of the world of sea life.
Within this aquarium, there are 50 pools that are home to more than 150 different species. There are fish from all over the world, both freshwater and marine fish.

Also, there is a great area with 1000 square meters covered with all many different kinds of coral ecosystems.

The aquarium is abundant with amusing content that is equally interesting to children as it is to adults.

In one pool, just like in the cartoon “Finding Nemo”, there are clownfish and surgeonfish.

In the other pool, you can see deadly but beautiful scorpionfish and lionfish.

This is a right place for kids and parents to spend time together, and an opportunity to teach your children something new.


Vystaviste, Prague 7 Holesovice

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