wallenstein garden prague
You should visit Wallenstein Garden in spring because in that part of the year it is really beautiful and looks like it is covered with pink clouds. You will not be sure if your eyesight is right, or it is just your imagination.

The park is full of magnolia trees and in spring its flowers make a beautiful picture. It looks just like in a painting of famous painters.

In addition to the beautiful picture, in the park, you can find a pond with colorful fish, peacocks with beautiful tails. This makes the garden even more striking, a garden with fragrant roses and Japanese cherries. Another interesting feature of this park is the stone wall with the faces of various animals.

Wallenstein Palace

The beautiful baroque palace is located inside of the park and is now home to the Czech Senate. The original palace was built in years 1623-1630 by Albrecht von Wallenstein.

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