what to visit in prague

Where to go and what to visit in Prague? It is a trick question for all admirers of mystique, renaissance, and modern life. ‘’Golden Prague’’ with ‘’100 towers’’, ‘’mother of all cities” are just a few of the names that Prague is proud with. But really, when you step in Prague, it is just like you’ve stepped in a fairytale.
Trees, orchards, and parks are spreading to the Vltava river, and a hundred towers and gold-plated domes are rising in the sky. This beautiful city is offering an adventure for every visitor, and you need just to find it.

Perhaps you can take the stroll on Charles Bridge, look toward the Prague Castle, follow the beats of an Astronomical clock, walk through the Golden Street, and enter some of the many churches and synagogues to find the peace that these magnificent places capture.

Prague, the cultural capital, has plenty of museums and galleries, which is a real adventure for admirers of history, painting, music, and culture in general.

This is a city with countless breathtaking monuments, the city filled with positive energy. It will get you from the first moments in the Prague and doesn’t leave you until your departure. Past and modern life are living in synergy in this city. These two are so close that you can seem to hear the sound of the sword-fight and horses galloping along the sounds of rock music.

In many festivals during the year, for sure everyone will find something attracting and enchanting, and it will certainly make you want to come back again.

Of course, Prague as metropole will offer you unforgettable nights out, beer and tasty food.
There are a lot of things to see and visit in Prague, but how to decide which one? Well, you can decide it when you come in Prague.
Make your adventures more accessible with Prague City Pass, in order to get an access free enjoyment on your wanderings trough the Prague’s castles and breathtaking scenes from most beautiful viewpoints.


Charles IV
Prague can offer you a lot. Interesting monuments, exciting castles, artistic bridges and many more attractions that you need to visit for sure. Also, a trip and picnic outside from Prague, for example, village Karlovy Vary, is an absolute must.

Museums in Prague

Kafka Museum
There is an incredible number of differently themed museums in Prague. We are firmly convinced that you will find for yourself a unique piece of history, technique, art or any other theme that you’re interested in.


Prague Church
The religious history of Prague is really abundant, and if you are interested in research of different religious customs, artifacts, and places, you will not be disappointed, as a matter of fact, you will fully meet your curiosity for religious content.


Prague Christmas MarketDuring the year in Prague, there are many different cultural events and manifestations. Whenever you arrive in Prague, you will come in a time for some festival or different cultural event. The Czech people are by nature-friendly, so be sure that you will have a great time.

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