the toy museum

The name itself reveals what you can see in of this museum. We believe that a visit to this place will be equally interesting to your children as to you.

Adults will remember some toys that marked their childhood. They can even return to a time when their grandmothers were telling stories about toys from their childhood. Your children will probably be amazed by all toys.

The toy museum has permanent exhibitions: Barbie dolls, plush toys, wooden toys, a train models, a car models, ceramic dolls in hand-sewn dresses and many other toys.

There is even an exhibition of toys from ancient Greece in the museum.

Considering that the museum is located within the Prague Castle, we believe that visit to the museum will look like a fairytale for your children and you. Believe us, you will travel back to the childhood and you will enjoy spending with time your kids in this place.


Jirska, Prague 1

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