During the whole year in Prague there are many different cultural events and manifestations. With your best effort, you can’t visit them all. Every month, during the whole year, there are few different events and festivals in Prague.

So, whenever you arrive in Prague, you will come in a time for some festival or different cultural event.

The Czech people are friendly by nature, so be sure that you will have a great time.

If you’re a fan of classical music, you will have a lot of options, festivals like this are held several times during the year.
Ballet admirers, as well as modern dance admirers, can enjoy dance festivals in Prague.

As it is impossible to visit Prague and not try the beer, it would be extraordinary that there is no festival dedicated to this divine nectar.

IYet, our sincerest recommendation is to visit Prague in the fight before New Years’ time. The Christmas markets, full colors, songs, laughter and joy are organized at that time. As the peak of the entire festival year is the New Year’s Eve with beautiful fireworks and a handful of desires.
Still, you have to choose what suits you best, and enjoy.

The Prague Winter Festival

The Prague Winter FestivalThe Winter Music Festival is held, as its name suggests, in winter, specifically in early January. It is a festival of opera, ballet and classical music.

The Prague Spring Festival

The Prague Spring FestivalThe festival marks significant musical anniversaries by including the works of the composer whose anniversaries are celebrated in the program of the festival. It also includes the premieres of Czech and world composers.

Czech Beer Festival in Prague

Prague Beer FestivalThe Czech Beer Festival is held from mid to late May, lasting 17 days, so you will have enough time to enjoy a diverse range of 120 beers, including 70 pure Czech-origin beers.

The Prague Autumn Festival

The Prague Autumn FestivalIf you hit Prague in September, and you love classical music pieces, finding peace and serenity while listening to this music, visit at least at one concert and give attention to performers from around the world. This festival is an autumn version of Prague Spring International Music Festival.

International Jazz Festival

The International Jazz FestivalThis festival hosts the giants of jazz for over thirty years. Famous names in the world of jazz are gathering in Prague, along with autumn rain.

Prague Christmas Market

Prague Christmas Market
The beautiful, huge Christmas tree on the Old Town Square is bathed with countless lights and makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Christmas market is organized on this square, like in others around the city, which lasts from the end of November to the New Year, during the Christmas holidays.

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