Pubs in Prague

Naturally, there are really lot pubs in Prague. There is the known saying that there is no sea in the Czech Republic, but there is a sea of beer. You don’t say in vain that Prague and beer are two inseparable things, so, if you have good company in combination with great ambient, the good time is guaranteed. Pubs in Prague are a great example of how to take advantage of tradition, and how to integrate it into a modern way of life.

U Fleku

U Fleku (In Flek) is one of largest pubs in Prague. A real Czech pub and brewery with a tradition longer than the half of millennium. There is a museum dedicated to beer production, opened on brewery’s 500th birthday. It is a one and only brewery in Europe with a longest continuous production of beer.
On daily basis, tourists and locals drink an enormous amount of beer on this place. Here, you can drink dark beer made according to the old traditional recipes and enjoy great music.


Kremencova 11, Nove Mesto, Prague 1

U Medvidku

U Medvidku (In Medvedik) is another brewery with a long tradition. It possesses a rarity of having a beer reservoir, so the beer is delivered unpasteurized and stored in it, ready to be served. By this, they offer the freshest Budweiser in Prague. For passionate admirers of this golden drink, one more fact could be interesting: the micro-brewery in pub produces Oldgott, the strongest beer in the world.


Na Peerstyne 7, Prague 1


Vytopna represents one entirely new concept of pub. It is a modern, unique, entirely different from the last two pubs. Here customers are served by miniature model trains, making this a extraordinary and unique pub experience. This pub has two locations in Prague.


Palace Fenix, Wenceslas Square 56, Prague 1 and
Shopping center Palladium, Namesti Republiky 1, Prague 1

Beer Museum pub

Beer museum pub is literally a beer museum. If you like to taste different beer flavors, this pub is the right place for you. In fact, here you can experiment by trying all-known and unknown types of beer, giving you the opportunity to taste as many as 30 kinds of beer. So, if you own an adventurous spirit and you possess the courage to try all that beer, you are welcome here. The pub has two addresses, choose one which you prefer.


Smetanovo Nabrezi 22
Namesti Miru, Americka 341/43, Prague 2

Pivovarsky dum

Pivovarsky dum is a micro-brewery which is main component of the pub. This pub offers at least eight types of beer. Here, except light and dark Czech beer Stepan (Shtepan), you can try unique beers, which don’t exist in other Prague breweries. Only here you can get a beer with a cherry, banana, eucalyptus, nettle, coffee and vanilla flavor. Because of this diversity of flavors, we definitely recommend this pub.


Jecna/Lipova 15 Prague 2- Novo mesto

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