subway prague
Subway is a fast and simple way of transport in Prague

The first subway line in Prague was built in 1974. With its 54 stations and almost 100 kilometers in length, the metro is the main backbone of public transport.

The subway lines:

-Line A (green color)
-Line B (yellow color)
-Line C (red color)

These three lines are crossing, and you can jump from one to other in these three stations: Mustek, Muzeum i Florenc.

Subway Ticket Prices:

Type of Public Transport Ticket
(valid for metro/tram/bus)
(10-15 years, must have a document with a  photo)
(0-9 years, with 6+ must have a document with a  photo)
90-Minute Ticket32czk16czkFree of charge
30-Minute Ticket24czk12czkFree of charge
Daily Ticket (Valid for 24h)110czk55czkFree of charge
3-Day Pass (Valid for 72h)310czk310czkFree of charge
Monthly Pass670czk670czkFree of charge

Ticket Validation: When entering tram or bus it is NECESSARY to confirm your ticket by passing it through an orange machine located in the tram or bus, and for metro – before entering escalator.

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