the prague zoo
The Prague Zoo garden is considered to be one of the largest and most beautiful zoos in the world. It is located in the northern part of Prague, on an area of 58 hectares. You can find nearly 5,000 animals in it, and there are 133 among them which are considered endangered species.

Prague Zoo Garden was opened in 1931, and through all those years of existence, it cultivates the tradition of reproduction of endangered species.

Depending on which animals you find the favorite in this zoo you can see pavilions with gorillas, with cats, reptiles etc.

You can visit the Sichuan House in Prague, take a stroll to the Indonesian jungle and visit the valley of elephants. Of course, all this within the Prague Zoo.

The zoo has a lower and upper part, naturally divided by rocky cliffs, which you can walk by foot or take a ride by the cable car.

In Zoo you can see Przewalski’s horse, the only type of wild horses that people did not exterminate.

Ticket Prices:

Regular price: 200 CZK
Reduced price: 150 CZK
Family ticket: 600 CZK

Working hours:

January and February: 09-16h
March: 09-17h
April and May: 09-18h
June, July and August: 09-21h
September and October: 09-18h
November and December: 09-16h

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