The synagogues in Prague are located in one place, in the Jewish Quarter Josefov. It used to be Jewish ghetto, a part of a city that was inhabited by the Jewish community for 800 years. Today it is a monument of culture and suffering of Jewish people.

Synagogues in Prague

In this neighborhood, in the small streets, it seems as if time has stopped. Still, there is a modern, urban part, that reflects the modern way of life.

There are six synagogues in Prague:

  • The Klausen Synagogue
  • The High Synagogue
  • The Pinkas Synagogue
  • The Maisel Synagogue
  • The Old-New Synagogue
  • The Spanish Synagogue

All of these are not just religious objects, they are also museums where Jewish tradition, customs and valuable objects can be seen and learn from.

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