The National Museum in Prague

The National Museum in Prague is the largest and most famous Czech museum. It is located in the imposing neo-Renaissance building at the head of the Wenceslas Square and it is one of the main representatives of the rich cultural life of Prague.

For all those who like to spend time visiting the museums, this museum is a real treat. This is not just a museum with a narrow theme, this is a complex of several buildings with a diverse range of content and exhibits.
It is a collection of several museums of different settings that give visitors a real insight into the Czech artistic and historical tradition.

Museums that make the National Museum in Prague are History Museum, Museum of Czech Music, Antonin Dvorak Museum, Bedrich Smetana Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Natural Science Museum, Naprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, and Czech National Museum Library with book exhibition.

The Historical Museum is located in this magnificent building, and the rest are located in other locations, but they all stand under the National Museum.

Unfortunately, the historic part of the National Museum has been temporarily removed from the building in which it is located, due to the reconstruction, and the building will be closed until 2018. The museum is relocated to a neighboring building and visitors can still enjoy temporary exhibitions that are still organized.

A very interesting permanent exhibition, Noah’s Ark, is set up in a new building. The visitors can enjoy taxidermy animal’s settings from all continents and interactive settings.

Ticket Prices:

Includes visit to the whole museum
• Regular ticket price: 200 CKZ
• Discounted ticket price: 140 CKZ
• Family ticket price: 270 CKZ

Working Hours:

Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Vaclavske Namesti 68
Prague 1

Address (temporary, until the renovation is done):

Vinohradska 1
Prague 1

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