Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is medicinal, monumental spa, only 130 km from Prague. When you enter this beautiful town, you will notice the incredible nature, which will play with your sight.

This town lies between incredible forests, three rivers and a beautiful hill. We assume that you are now imagining a small town, with goats, sheep and some kind of rural tourism…  And, you are wrong. The town offers you an incredible architecture, from neoclassicism, neo-baroque, and all that non-Renaissance era.

Legend of the Origin of Karlovy Vary:

The story starts with our favorite Czech character, of course, no other than Emperor Charles IV. During the hunt, Emperor Charles wounded the deer, but the deer managed to somehow escape the dogs who rushed him. When the dogs arrived, the deer was lying wounded in the mud. When Charles and his men took the wounded deer out of the mud, wounds disappeared from its wounded body. The emperor Charles IV suffered from bone ache during his lifetime, and after he smeared a mud on his body, his pain disappeared. After this, he ordered the building of the city at this place, and Karlovy Vary originates around 1350.

Throughout the centuries, it was the home of many native nobleman and descendants of “blue blood” from around the world who traveled here to regain their youth, but at the same time, they had fun.

Karlovy Vary Through History and Today:

All this has not changed to the present because a European and the World cream comes in Karlovy Vary. It is most visited by the Russians, who are most responsible for the present appearance of the city. Turn around and look around, wherever you are, and you will surely see something about Russia.

If you decide to visit Karlovy Vary, go and visit at least some of the 64 thermal mineral springs. Walking around the city you will find a variety of fountains from which water flows up to as much as 73 degrees. The most famous is the fountain whose water temperature is 34 degrees, and if you drink from it, it will solve your stomach problems. The spa has more than 80 hotels so you can choose wherever you want to stay.

Of course, as anyone would do, the Czechs used this medicinal water and with the addition of 32 grass, they made the famous Becherovka, for which someone claim that is a strong spirit, and other alcoholic herbal liqueur (to us, it is more likely a herbal liquor). Along with the beer, Becherovka becomes a traditional drink in the Czech Republic.


In addition to the liqueur, the spa is also known for the famous Czech Mozer glass. Since 1946, as the famous international film festival takes place there, this is the Jet set meeting place.

Of course, when you are already here and want to treat yourself, do not miss out their treat, a round wafer with a cream.

Interesting fact about Karlovy Vary:

In the famous Grand Hotel “Pupp” was filmed the movie Casino Royale, with the most famous agent, 007. We gave our recommendations and you decide whether you will be treating yourself with a spa here or you will be James Bond.

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